Michael Jackson makeover and slideshow

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge Michael Jackson fan. That is why it was such a pleasure to do a photo shoot with Leon who is a Michael Jackson impersonator. The video above shows his transformation from regular guy to Michael Jackson courtesy of make-up artist Neha Kumari followed by a slideshow of some of the final shots from the shoot.


The shoot itself was split into two parts: studio and on location. We first started in my home studio in my London flat. I set up a single dark blue background and two lights. The aim was to create a cinematic look and feel and I think I achieved that. Leon put on his BAD and HIStory jackets and went through some trademark MJ poses.


We then drove to Greenwich University. It was late afternoon and the setting sun created a gorgeous orange light which I took advantage of. We took some photos on the grounds and against some of the wonderfully designed architecture of the surrounding buildings.



This was one of my favourite shoots yet. It was so much fun and all three of us were still buzzing the next day!

Leon went on to purchase a folio box of matted prints of his favourite photos from the day.