I got a bronze merit at the Portrait Masters Awards!


I submitted the above portrait at the Portrait Masters Awards and received a bronze merit in the Creative Portrait category! It is the first time I have entered a photography competition so am very pleased. I has motivated me to push my skills and creativity even further.

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New portrait box

I have a new 8×10″ portrait box to join my list of photography products. It is hand made in Italy by Album Epoca. With a rigid, wooden exterior covered with a soft-touch material, it is perfect for baby shoots as well as portraits.

Photo shoot in the park

I was looking for a model for a portfolio building shoot and found these two young ladies in the gym who were all too keen to get in front of the camera. They had never done anything like this before but as you can see they did a great job.

Most of these photos were shot in natural light. It wasn’t intended that way but my light stand fell over and broke in the first few minutes! Oh well, it was a nice change and built up my experience with manipulating natural light.

Sourcing new matted print boxes at The Photography Show

I went to The Photography Show last week to look at the various products available by the professional labs and get some more education.

I was particularly looking out for matted prints. There was one which blew me away. The La Libro Masterpiece is as magnificent as the name implies. The box looks wooden in the pictures but it is actually a soft touch material wrapped around thick, strong card.

What makes this product different to all other matted prints is the beautiful acrylic glass in front of every image. It really gives a premium look and feel to each photo. If my clients show interest in this, I will definitely be adding it to my collection.



Another new product is the GoBox by Italian manufacturer GraphiStudio. This is such a clever idea because the cover of the box is actually a clear plastic sheet which attaches to the top with magnets. This means that the image at the top is on full display so you can place the entire box on your mantlepiece or shelf and it will look just like a framed photo!


For a look at what I currently offer to clients, head over to the main site.


Sonic at Castle Galleries

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of Sonic The Hedgehog. I have been ever since his first game debuted on the Sega Megadrive in 1991. So it was with great pleasure to have visited Castle Galleries in Canary Wharf, London where I viewed two outstanding art pieces celebrating Sonic’s 25th anniversary.

The one shown above is a huge painting on canvas by Robert Oxley measuring 27 x 36 inches. Viewing it on a screen means nothing. It looks like one of hundreds of fan arts that you see on the internet. But seeing it in person is a totally different experience. The size is impressive enough but you also appreciate the 3D-ness, for want of a better word, of the paint itself and how glossy those streaks of paint are. It has now got me thinking of buying one for my home, which I never would have considered had I only seen it on the internet.

This is similar to how I want people to feel when they see their photos on the albums and large wall art that I offer.


The item above is a multi-panel frame which measures 30 x 30 inches and is currently hanging proudly in my home. It is one of many options that I provide for my photography clients. It is absolutely beautiful and I admire it everyday. In fact, Castle Galleries has this exact same frame for some of their artwork so you know it is of an extremely high standard. I feel inspired to add more samples to my collection!