I made a video of my acrylic album

It’s been a long time since I posted here but I have been keeping busy. I have a wonderful baby album with an acrylic cover and matching box and made a video showcasing it. Here it is!

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Aluminescent print unboxing

I ordered an 20 x 30 inch aluminescent print from one of the professional printing labs that I use and decided to record an unboxing video of it. The picture is one that I took from Frank Doorhof’s London workshop. Here is the video:

Aluminescent print unboxing


I’m really impressed by the print. The quality is outstanding. The blacks are so deep and there is a nice glossy sheen over the whole image. It really stands out when a light shines on it because the metal shows through and gives it a unique texture.

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Elli Cassidy newborn photography workshop

I have been levelling up again, this time in newborn photography. I took the opportunity in June to attend a full day workshop with Elli Cassidy – one of the UK’s leading newborn photographers.

I love taking pictures of babies and am always amazed by some of the wonderful newborn art photos I see on the internet so it was a no-brainer to learn how to pose and take photos of newborn babies from an expert like Elli.

She is a great teacher and I learnt an awful lot. I can’t wait to put it into practice. Here are some shots I took from the workshop.

Frank Doorhof fashion photography workshop

I’m running behind with my blog posts. This one is about a workshop back in June which I had been looking forward to since I booked myself in for it in January.

Frank Doorhof, an amazing fashion photographer and teacher from the Netherlands, came to the UK and did a weekend workshop in London. I had been following his work online and bought his Mastering the Model Shoot book where I had learnt loads. So as soon as I heard he was coming, I booked immediately!

The first day was a Q&A session where anyone in the audience could ask him anything and he would answer with an astounding level of technical detail. This guy knows his stuff. He also did some studio photography demos with his model and stylist Nadine.

The second day was a hands on session where I was able to take some photos myself of Nadine in a studio and on location. I got some great shots and here is one of them.

DSC03955-Edit-Edit-2 for web

I have since made a large aluminescent print of this and hung it on my wall. I’ll do a blog about it later.

Visit to The Print Foundry and GraphiStudio

Yesterday, wedding album maker Graphistudio held a roadshow in Croydon to showcase their products and do a presentation on sales and marketing. I went along but on the way I popped in to visit the highly regarded print lab The Print Foundry as they are based in Croydon.

I thought I would only be there for about 15 minutes but ended up spending two hours in there as the super helpful Regano (did I get the name right?) showed me all of his wares in the showroom, described them in detail and gave me lots of business tips. He also took me behind the scenes and gave me a personal tour of their printing workshop where I saw their awesome 12 colour Canon printer. Regano really went out of his way to make me feel valued and I look forward to building a good relationship with The Print Foundry.

Here are some pictures of the showroom. Sorry for the low quality. I took these with my phone in low light.


My next stop was the Graphistudio roadshow. Unfortunately due to my extended visit at The Print Foundry, I was an hour and a half late so I only managed to catch the last half hour of the presentation! Oh well. At least I got to see their range of photo albums.

It was quite funny when I walked in actually because the speaker looked at me and said “This is the second time in two weeks that I have seen you!”. This is because I also saw him at the Newborn Photography Show in Coventry last week.

Here’s a quick pic of their stand.


Really impressive albums. I am eager to order their GoBook.

Tip for cheap newborn props

A nice tip for both photographers and clients who are looking for very cheap but nice looking baskets for their newborn sessions is look in TK Maxx rather than dedicated newborn prop specialists. They have a large selection of baskets handmade in Vietnam priced as little as £5!

Here are some I found in my local store.





And here is how I used one in one of my sessions:


Happy shopping!

My first blog post

Hi guys! Here is my obligatory first blog post for my new photography business. I’ll just quickly introduce myself. My name is Perminder and I’m 36 years old. I have been working as a games programmer for 10 years and gaming has been a big passion of mine since I was a child. My career didn’t go the way I had hoped and I suffered three redundancies so I decided to set up my own photography business which I am really enthusiastic about. I will be focusing on weddings, portraits and babies.

You may be wondering why I named this Project Zero Photos. The name comes from a horror game called Project Zero in which you eradicate ghosts with your camera obscura. And there’s my link between games and photography. Plus I thought it was quite a cool name. I didn’t want to follow the convention of using Firstname Lastname Photography. I wanted the name to be different and stand out and that is what I aim to do with my photos. And don’t worry, my photography has nothing to do with horror!

Anyway, I want to keep this first post short. See you next time.